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About the "Veterinary Magazine"

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    "Magazyn Weterynaryjny" is a specialized monthly magazine directed toward about 5,000 practicing veterinarians. The first edition was published in September 1992 and April 2005 marks the celebration of the 100-th issue!

    Each year special supplements devoted to different species (e.g. Pig diseases, Poultry diseases, Cattle diseases) are published. "Magazyn Weterynaryjny" has a huge range of faithful readers and its position on the veterinary publishing market is firmly established.

    Most veterinarians in Poland read MW regularly. Research has shown that the magazine is well-known, widely read, and highly esteemed. The success of "Magazyn Weterynaryjny" is a result of its practical character and focus on the most important problems of day-to-day work of practicing veterinarians. This success is possible only through the constant co-operation within the vet society, as well as in-depth analysis of its needs and expectations.

    "Magazyn Weterynaryjny" is published by Medical Tribune Polska Ltd. - the leading publishing-house on the medical magazines and books market.

    Our authors are employees of veterinary medicine faculties (in Poland there are 4), institutes, and other veterinary units in Poland, as well as abroad. A significant proportion of authors are also practicing veterinarians. An ever-increasing number of articles are written by foreign authors. All articles submitted for publishing are reviewed by Polish specialists.

    Each edition of "Magazyn Weterynaryjny" has its own cover story and all clinical articles are richly illustrated. A remarkable feature of each issue is an average of two published articles in the diagnosis and treatment of the diseases of small mammals, reptiles, amphibians, caged birds, aquarium fish, and other exotic animals.

    For our subscribers a professional website ( has been launched. Only non-clinical materials are available at the website, presented in 5 divisions:
- Events (Wydarzenia),
- Actualities (Aktualno¶ci),
- Animal breeding (Chów i hodowla),
- Business and Law (Biznes i prawo),
- Marketing and Management (Marketing i zarz±dzanie).

    Visitors of the site are also able to preview the content of the current and upcoming issue. Very soon a special site browser will be installed to enable the searching of materials published since 1992 in "Magazyn Weterynaryjny" by author, species, disease, and medical discipline.

    If you would like to receive more information about our "Veterinary Magazine" or Medical Tribune Polska Ltd., please don't hesitate to contact us.

Dr Hubert Zientek

Medical Tribune Polska Ltd.
00-967 Warszawa, post box 53


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